Jamie Bernstein is an author, narrator, and filmmaker
who has transformed a lifetime of loving music into a career of
sharing her knowledge and excitement with others.


Jamie’s memoir, Famous Father Girl, published by HarperCollins, details her youth growing up in an atmosphere bursting with music, theatre and literature. Her father, composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein, and her mother, pianist and actress Felicia Montealegre—who filled the house with a veritable who’s-who of friends in arts and letters—created an ebullient atmosphere that turned Jamie into a lifelong cultural enthusiast.

Inheriting her father’s passion for sharing and teaching, Jamie has devised several ways of communicating her own excitement about classical music. In addition to “The Bernstein Beat,” a family concert about her father modeled after his own groundbreaking Young People’s Concerts, Jamie has also written and narrated concerts for audiences of all ages about Mozart, Aaron Copland, and Stravinsky, among others.
As a concert narrator, Jamie has appeared everywhere from Beijing to London to Vancouver. In addition to her own scripted narrations, Jamie also performs standard concert narrations, such as Walton’s “Facade,” Copland’s “A Lincoln Portrait” and her father’s Symphony No. 3, “Kaddish.” A frequent speaker on musical topics, Jamie has presented talks around the world, from conferences in Japan to seminars at Harvard University. In Spanish-speaking locations such as Madrid and Caracas, Jamie narrates en español—thanks to her Chilean-born mother Felicia, who raised her three children to be bilingual.

In addition to writing her own scripts and narrations, Jamie writes articles and poetry, which have appeared in such publications as Symphony, DoubleTake, Town & Country, Gourmet, Opera News, and Musical America. She also edits “Prelude, Fugue & Riffs,” a newsletter about issues and events pertaining to her father’s legacy.


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